Recently, the HbA1C test was approved for Diagnosis of DM. The ADA has issued in its latest Guidelines , that the HBA1C is to be done as part of 4 tests to diagnose DM.


Do you know that hypothyroidism is the most common thyroid disease? It is more common in women and in the same family. Optimization of Iodine intake is important for the thyroid gland.

Vitamin D

More than 90 % of women in the gulf area are vitamin D deficient. The main sources for Vitamin D are the sun ,to less extent seafood and dairy products. Vitamin D deficiency can cause osteopenia and osteoporosis. Also, it is a risk factor for heart diseas

Obesity in children

It is an alarming issue in our world today. Children younger than 10 years are more fat and more prone to Diabetes than before. Poor life style and dependence on fast food is one of the reasons.

Short stature

If your child is shorter than his or her peers, then he or she might be suffering from low growth hormone level. I recommend to check the hormone level and preferably before puberty.

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